A Tribute to Maglomaniac, My Garden for Journalism Growth

As a journalist, my grand  “ship came in” as guest correspondent for my small-town newspaper, The Kearny Observer, however, I  still hadn’t found my very special “niche” in the broad scheme of things in the wide journalistic world.

I was however, more than ready to fill in the gaps in my portfolio with articles other than townie restaurant reviews, movie reviews and town business and politics that peppered it here and there.  My writing portfolio had the beginnings of seasoning, yet it lacked in flavor!

I needed something that was totally mine and totally fun!  So, I looked on Craig’s List purposely searching for editors who were interested in giving journalists face time.  That was how I met my former Editor-in-Chief Brandon Melendez.  He actually created Maglomaniac Online Magazine to do just that, giving journalists (younger or older) a leg up in the journalism and writing biz!

It was my desire to have my own fashion column, and Brandon encouraged it. Thus, “This Jersey Girl in Manhattan” was born!